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Care for your Hair Extensions

remy hair careCaring for your hair extensions is very important. The first thing is keeping hair clean, use a low PH shampoo and conditioner and wash in cool water hot water can damage the cuticle. Also use shampoo and conditioners that contain moisturizer. If you are going to straighten the hair make sure that it is dry completely, you will need to sit under a hooded dryer to make sure the braided hair underneath is dry. Leaving the hair damp can cause the hair to mil dew and get a odor. Use a high quality ceramic flat iron to straighten hair this will alleviate the need to go over and over one section of your hair to get it straight. If the flat iron is hot enough it should only take a single pass or two to get hair straight. Do not put any oil in hair until it is completely straight and then a dime size amount should do just fine. To maintain the straight hair wrap your hair at night and comb from root to tip in the morning.

Hair care tips:

  • Be careful of the amount of heat that you apply to your hair
  • Run your fingers through your hair to remove tangles before brushing
  • Use a wide bristle brush to comb out hair
  • start brushing your hair from the bottom up hold the top tightly.
  • Use a wide bristle brush to comb out hair