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Remy Hair Types

When we look at all the hair that is being offered in the beauty supply store and online it is easy to get confused. There are so many different brands and quality of Remy and non-Remy hair. To make matters worse, there are so many different claimed origins of hair. By understanding the general concept of Remy hair and its processes, you may begin to feel more comfortable selecting the right hair. Remy hair has all cuticles intact, unaltered and running in the same direction producing tangle free hair.

Most hair comes from China and India. Indian women sacrifice their hair in a religious ceremony dedicated to their deity. The hair is cleaned and sold directly to distributors around the world. This temple hair also referred to as virgin hair is very desirable because it remains in its natural state and is never processed or chemically altered. Chinese hair is often sent to several beauty supply stores, however, it is usually mixed with non-Remy, synthetic or animal hair. Most of it is collected and processed from the floors of beauty shops. This affects the overall health of the hair because several different cuticles are mixed together. The hairs cuticles are sealed so they won't catch on each other this is called new Remy its often sold under the name Remy.


The Truth About Brazilian Hair

Brazilian remy HairBrazilian hair is very unlikely to be from Brazilian women. Many women in Brazil often wear hair extensions themselves. Most of the time there is not a large enough population of Brazilian women that are willing to cut their hair and sell it, making it very hard to find enough quantity to be sold internationally. Most of the hair being sold as Brazilian today is most likely Chinese that has a Brazilian wave permed into the hair to mimic hair from that region. The hair could possibly be high quality but most of the time it is just basic beauty supply hair. Keep in mind the supplier of Brazilian hair may be misleading you about the origin of the hair.


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