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This is a look at different type of hair on the market today.

Virgin Indian Remy: Origin India. This natural hair is collected from temples after women sacrifice their long strands in a religious ceremony. Sometimes called temple hair or virgin Indian, it is very desirable because it is left in its natural state without any chemical processing. This hair comes in a dark color only, usually an off black 1B color. A great perk is it can be treated just like your natural hair and can be highlighted or colored. The versatility and longevity of virgin Remy hair is well worth the price tag. price $$$$

Indian Remy: Origin India. High quality Indian hair that has been processed or colored but still has all cuticles intact and running in the same direction. This hair is also very desirable because of its quality. The difference between the virgin hair is it comes in different colors not found naturally with Indian hair. If you want high quality and don't want to dye the hair yourself, this is the way to go. $$$$

Non-Remy Indian: Origin India. This hair is collected from special brushes given to local women. The hair is extracted from the brushes, processed then sold at a lower price. The cuticles are not all collected in the same direction causing it to easily tangle and shed. price $$$

Virgin Remy Chinese: Origin China. This hair is collected from individuals that sell their hair. There are no religious ceremonies or special conditions except voluntary donations. Sometimes venders will sell this hair under the name "Malaysian" giving it an exotic appeal and charge more money for it. It comes in dark colors only. Price $$$$

Processed Chinese Hair: Origin China. This hair is collected after someone receives a haircut. It is non-remy hair and needs to be processed. Most of this hair is sold in beauty supply stores. The hair is often stripped from the cuticles and silicone or dimethicone is placed on the hair to give it a shiny look. This also keeps the hair from tangling or matting. Unfortunately, these chemicals wash off after a few washes causing the hair to tangle and become difficult to manage. The quality of hair varies on how well the chemical processing is done. It is usually mixed with non-Remy hair to give it a fuller look. Price $$$

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