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All about Indian Hair Companies

Who has the best hair at the best price that is what we are all tying to find. It does matter the name brand because nobody knows what your wearing after you put the hair in. So the important thing is Dose the hair look good? Dose the hair feel good? Does the hair last? those are the important thing to consider when looking for hair extensions. After looking at a lot of different companies I found one that stood out as the best hair for the best price hands down.

You may have or may not heard of this company before so let me tell you about them first. This company has been around for a long time sell high quality with out gimmicks or tricks. The hair is at a really good price and it last and last. If you get hair that you don't like you can just send it back with on restocking fee or exchange it on questing asked. If you where to get bad hair the would replace it at no cost to you. The company that I am referring to is International Hair Company they have a website where you can se all of there products

Things to consider when buy your hair:

Where is the hair coming from? Hair only come from Indian or china. If they claim its Brazilian, Malaysian, or Peruvian ect... then it not real.

How much are you really getting in one pack? a lot of company are sell 2 to 3 oz packs. You think you getting a good deal when youre really paying less money for less hair.

What about quality? How do you know how good the hair is without using it. You can kind of tell by the way it looks and feel but, companies are good at making the seem good until after you use it. So look for a company that will replace bad hair and stand behind their products.

Cost is another issue! Yes, you can find great hair at 300.00 pack but who wants to pay that and sometimes the hair still isn't' any good.

Does it match you hair? International uses Indian Remy hair which is a prefect match for both African Americas and Caucasian. It also is very durable and long lasting.

Celebrities have been using International Hair Company for years do to this companies reliability and consistency to providing the highest quality products that look great.

kelly Rowland Beyonce with blonde remy hair
Kelly Rowland Beyonce
Kerry washington selea Gomez
Kerry Washington Selena Gomez
International Hair Company has been providing the best hair at the best price for over a decade.

Searching for hair

looking for hair company that have great quality hair can be very frustrating especially with all the new company out there. Here is a list of hair company that have been around for more then ten years.


kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian