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Indian Hair

Indian HairMore women are using hair extensions to add length and/or color to their own natural hair. The two basic types of hair are Chinese and Indian. These are the primary options you should consider as long as they are high quality. Sometimes high quality hair may be hard to differentiate. You want to look for unidirectional cuticles, healthy ends, and a natural luster across the strands. The hair should never feel coarse and dry or have a stringy appearance.

Indian hair is a good choice because it comes in many different textures. If you are looking for a wavy pattern or curly hair, this would be an excellent choice for you. The hair does not require any chemical processing to make the hair curly. The advantage with curly or wavy Indian hair is you are able to straighten it for a sleek look. When you're ready for your curls again, simply wash it and the original curl pattern will return. Indian Remy is in high demand because of its versatility. It is just like having your own hair and it lasts much longer than other hair types causing it to be more expensive. However, considering how much money you could waste on other hair that mats up quickly and does not have a natural shine, it is well worth the money. When looking for Indian hair you need to make sure that it is healthy and that the cuticles are going in the same direction. This is key to having manageable hair that lasts a long time. If you looking for the most natural hair possible then the Virgin Indian Remy is the best way to go!

Remy Hair Elements

  • Textures: Remy hair comes in a variety of textures including straight, body wave, curly, deep curly, and kinky curly. Straight: This is the most common Remy texture. Women love the different lengths. You can wear long straight extensions or use it to create a cute sleek haircut.
  • Body Wave: This texture is very popular for its wavy beach look. It comes bound together in a S& pattern; showing off the natural wave. If desiring a wet and wavy look, simply apply wavy hair products and scrunch it to wavy perfection. It can also be straightened.
  • Curly: This is the loosest curl in the curly family. It can be straightened then curl back up after being washed.
  • Deep Curly: This curl is a deep beautiful wave that can be styled many different ways including straight.

  • Kinky Curly: This has the tightest curl and looks great for a sassy, fun look. Add some colored highlights to really make this style pop. It can be straightened but may have a textured look to it.