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How to Color Remy Hair

If you want to custom color your Remy Hair extensions, there are just a few simple steps to follow. The first thing to realize is that not all hair extensions can be colored. If you are considering dying your hair extensions you must purchase Virgin hair because it has not been colored before and is natural. Purchasing any other kind of hair is likely to damage the hair because it has already been colored and chemically processed. It is always recommended to have a professional dye your hair extensions for you but if you want to do it yourself here are a few steps:

Things to consider when dying your hair:

If you are dying your hair extensions darker, you can just buy a box color, or buy the hair dye and developer separately.

If you are considering dying your hair extensions a lighter shade you will need to buy a stronger developer. A 40 developer is recommended, or you may need to purchase hair bleach depending on how light you want it.

After you have purchased the hair color and developer make sure your extensions are completely dry and clean. You should ALWAYS do a test strand first to make sure it is going to come out the color that you want. Mix the hair dye with the developer, or if you are using bleach, mix the bleach with the developer. Start off with one strand, making sure it turns out to your desired color.

Be sure to coat EVERY strand of hair with the dye, making sure your hair extensions are laid out on a towel. It is necessary to saturate all of the hair in dye for an even color. Follow the hair dye directions in order to determine how long to wait before washing the dye out.

When washing them out it is best to use cold water. Do not rub the hair together vigorously. Run the water on them and use your hands to detangle. Make sure that all of the dye is completely out and the water is running clear. It is highly recommended to let the extensions dry naturally before styling or wearing them.

Always use high quality virgin Remy hair for your extensions.