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Clip-in Remy Hair Extensions

remy clip-in extensionsWant hair extensions that you can take on and off as you please? Many people have said they prefer clip-in hair extensions versus sewing or bonding the hair extensions. Having a salon attach clips to your extensions may be expensive. Why not do it yourself? Clip in extensions attach easily without force and do not cause damage to your own hair. They can be removed easily and non-painfully, and then quickly reinserted whenever. This may be good when itching becomes a problem or when you want to go swimming, etc. Follow these fast, easy steps to convert your Remy hair extensions into clip-ins right at home!

  1. Make sure the Remy hair you purchase is machine weft! Then, you will need to purchase clips. This can be easily found at any hair or crafts store. Make sure they are snap clips that have little combs on the end. You will need two clips for a short piece and three clips for a longer piece so be sure to purchase enough.

  2. Measure the wefts of the extensions to custom fit your head. When you cut the extensions make sure to cut it a quarter of an inch shorter than the measurement so that after the clips are attached it is not too long.

  3. Place one clip at the left end of the hair extension piece and be sure that the clip combs are facing outward. Using a needle and thread that is the same color as your hair extensions begin to sew the clip onto the end. Do this by sewing through the hole of the clip and the weft, continuing until you have sewn through all the holes of the clip.

  4. Repeat step 3 on the right side. If the hair extension piece is long you should also sew a third clip onto the middle of the weft. This ensures stability.

  5. Once you are done sewing the clips on, you are done. Such an easy process and you now have beautiful Remy clip-ins that you can use whenever and wherever. Enjoy!


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